Aligned Research

About Aligned Research

There is a vast amount of research being undertaken that aligns with our investment areas. Every year we ask our 18 Challenge Parties about their other research programmes that are aligned with BioHeritage. This ensures that we are building scale and reducing duplication of effort.

Examples of aligned research

Visualising the aligned research landscape

In any given year, Challenge Parties align around $70-$80 million worth of research towards the BioHeritage mission. Visualising aligned research activities helps to identify gaps and the degree of fragmentation in various fields, which enables us to more clearly direct and reshape Challenge investments to explicitly target those gaps and priorities.

Below you can see the source of funding on the left, the research provider in the middle and the impact to which it aligns on the right. This data is from the 2021 - 2022 financial year.

Flows Impacts 2021 22
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