Eco Index Logo

Developing sets of indicators to understand biodiversity investment and the real-world outcomes for Aotearoa’s plants and animals is no small feat. The team tasked with this mission have decided that an important first step is a name that that appeals to potential project partners. Accordingly, they are excited to announce the new Eco-index name and logo!

The BioHeritage Eco-index team (SO1 – previously BioHeritage Scorecard) is co-led by Dr John Reid and Dr Kiri Joy Wallace. The team is working towards co-design of multiple tailor-made eco-indices with key sectors across the country who have willingness, influence and capacity to reverse Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity decline. These sectors include industry bodies, iwi & hapū, regional & district councils, banks, central government agencies and more.  

Data to create eco-indices are being obtained from a range of publicly available metadata sources and, when feasible, directly from sector partners. The results from each eco-index will be aggregated to indicate biodiversity investment and trends at a national level. The national eco-index results can then be compared with a national bicultural 100-year vision for biodiversity restoration in Aotearoa New Zealand that the team are currently developing. 

In aggregate, eco-indices will highlight the incremental actions required by key land management sectors to create intergenerational impact for reversing our current biodiversity decline. The Eco-index team are very excited about the ground-breaking mahi ahead of them. You can keep an eye on their progress on Facebook and Twitter or read more at

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